True or False?

Organizing is about decluttering and being minimalist.


Working in over 60 people's homes taught me:

Organizing is REALLY about making the parts of your home or your life work together for one goal.

OR·​GA·​NIZE: to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole.

-Merriam Webster Dictionary

Where Are You on the Organizing Spectrum?

No Dreams

& No Plans

Manage a small number of things and keep their life small. They are unable to take on more.

The home is usually messy.

The mother is afraid to ask for help.

This family is running on survival mode.

More structure and drive.

Dreams &


Creates a vision and a plan to get it done. Then starts working. Fails tweaks and repeats.

Home is a beautiful functional place to live. It is a base where you can go out to the world and accomplish.

Stay on track!

Dreams &

No Plans

Want to do everything but can't manage to. There will always be a new project and no plan to finish it.

Very little of what is important actually gets accomplished. Daily responsibilities are hard to manage.

Make decisions and declutter.

Coaching helps you move toward the middle of the spectrum.

"I appreciated working with Bassi immensely. She's professional and caring and considerate. She's patient and understanding as well. She empowers you to be positive about organizing your home and your ability to maintain it."

The process is really accomplishing. You laid out the plan very well. Then we went about the project in an organized, structured way but without any pressure.

Organizing is the process of balancing dreams and plans.




"Ideally, how would you want this space to look?

The solution can only be as beautiful as you imagine it to be.


How can you accomplish your dreams?

The more you know your needs and limitations, the better your home will work for you.


Take into account your budget and time limitations. Can you expand?

What are your resources besides for yourself?

Do you need to learn new skills? If yes, what are they?



By now, you should have simple, doable steps.

What seemed hard or impossible becomes easy once you have a plan.


You will face obstacles. Plan to roll with the punches and get back up. The goal is to stay in the game.

Failure is part of the journey to success.

Life will change, or you will realize that you miscalculated, but only after you try.




Does your actual dream match up to your vision? How can you bridge the gap?

Recalibrate as needed.

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